Word of the day

Do you really, truly believe in GOD?
I ask this question to remove all the fog?
You see, I know how you seek love,
that love from another person, seeking it not from above.
Looking for love that you can see, feel, and touch.
Someone to share your life with and theirs with you, you want that so much.
While hoping and believing they’re the one true ❤️ love.
All the time not realizing that GOD has given us HIS only LOVE from above.
Even though the LOVE GOD gave us cannot be touched.
It is the Substance necessary to fill that empty space inside we yearn so much.
That Light, Warmth, Satisfaction, Security, Assurance, Life within.
Through our faith, LOVE connects us as one without end.
LOVE is not tangible. Stop looking for It through the flesh my friend.
Everyone knows that LOVE cannot be bought.
However, there is one thing you can give for It.
No, It’s not what you thought.
But it’s living by faith in GOD’S WORD,
That’s the way to receiving HIS LOVE.
Knowing LOVE for yourself is what Life is truly made of!

Be blessed.
(Poem by Doris Love)


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